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How To Share Audio On Skype – Guide


How To Share Audio On Skype – Guide


In 2020 the growth of online video communication has gone parabolic. Those you had never used a video conferencing service became forced to start using it for telecommuting and staying connected with friends and family.

Using these video chat tools can have some learning curves and some ask they would like to know how to share audio on Skype during their videoconferences. In the past to be able to share audio on Skype you would need a third party app to make it happen. The good news is that there has been updates to the software for Skype and now you can share audio on Skype and we will explain how you can do this below.

Now if you want to share audio on Skype, you don’t have to turn the volume all the way up on your computer to share it with others, now sharing audio is as effective as sharing your screen with others.


How To Share Audio On Skype

Follow the steps below to learn how to share audio on Skype during your video call. During your Skype session, select on the “Call” option and select “Share Screen.” Here you will see the option to select “Share System Sound” and once you do that you will be able to share audio in Skype.

With this process the audio sharing on Skype will be crisp and clear compared to turning up the volume to max on your computer so others can listen to what you are sharing with them.

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