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At-Home Learning Is Making American Student Fall Behind In Math


At-Home Learning Is Making American Student Fall Behind In Math


It is understandable while parents are fighting hard to get their kids back in school during this pandemic. A recent study has shown that children in minority and low-income households have been falling way behind in important areas of education since the pandemic started.

Learning has been severely impacted students ability to learn math and has them falling drastically behind compared to previous years with in person learning in the classroom. When the new school year started, it was expected that students would lose some of the skills that they had learned during the summer break. But with new assessment tests coming in, the results show that children in younger grades are falling behind in math.

There was already a slight gap in results between students in low-income and high-income households, but it seems like the gap has widened with results of the pandemic. It is believed some of this comes down to the ability to help their children learn course work during this difficult time. When schools shifted to online learning at first, the focus was to help get devices and learning tools to families that couldn’t afford these resources.

Not only is this a hard time for the students, it is also very difficult for the parents. Those that are required to go to work in person, are not able to provide as much support to their children compared to those parents that are able to work from home. The extra burden of stress to the parents can drain them even more than before with financial worries now more common.

There is some light at the end of this tunnel as it is believed that the vaccine will start being distributed sometime in early 2021 and we hope that students will be able to go back to in person learning in the classroom.

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