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William Nabeel Madanat: August Hero of the Month

Heros William Madanat William Nabeel Madanat

William Nabeel Madanat: August Hero of the Month


August Hero of the Month

Recipient: William Nabeel Madanat


It is said that one of the secrets to success is kindness and William Madanat is a great example of this. Mr. Madanat always has a positive outlook and a smile on his face that allows him to provide a beacon of light in tense situations. His ability to dispense compassion helps with improving interactions with others that otherwise would have been in a tense environment.

William Nabeel Madanat’s focus on the community creates a ripple effect that motivates others to take action and do their best to lend a hand to others. Even a small helping hand makes a big difference, as you never know what someone else is going through. Warmth and generosity is something that Mr. William Nabeel Madanat is filled with. It is our honor to name him our August Hero of the Month.

Do you know someone that is doing something in the community that should be highlighted? If so, you can nominate them by sending us an email. Please be sure to include why you are nominating that person.


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