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Best Breakfast In Portland – Brunches In Portland Guide


Best Breakfast In Portland – Brunches In Portland Guide


A modern American traditional is Brunch with some of your good friends to recap the previous night or week. This is perfect because brunch is typically served between the hours of 11am until 3pm where you can get some tasty breakfast and an alcoholic drink to refuel for your upcoming day.

Portland is already known as heaven for food lovers, but what about some of the best brunch in Portland? Well there are plenty of places to choose from to create a list of some of the best Portland brunch spots that you should try.

Your options will range from your traditional breakfast omelets to French cuisine and lets not forget the breakfast steak. If you plan to visit these Portland brunch hotspots, then be prepared to wait in line, as these are very popular locations with locals.


Best Breakfast In Portland



For those that enjoy a higher end breakfast experience, then La Provence will be meet your expectations. This French bistro has several locations around the Portland Metro area and provides a warm ambiance and some of our favorite dishes there include the salmon hash and the poached eggs with cheese polenta.



Probably one of the most popular brunch locations in Portland is Mother’s Bistro. Located in downtown Portland, this place will be busy no matter the day as it has a delightful menu so don’t be surprised if you have to wait to be seated. The comfort food that is offered like eggs Benedict, fried potatoes, bacon and French toast will sure to put you in the right mood after your meal at Mother’s Bistro.



The Pancake House is a well-known breakfast location all throughout the United States and even in countries like South Korea and Japan. But did you know the first Pancake House was in Portland? Well this also puts it on our list as one of the best breakfast in Portland.

Located in Southeast Portland, just a quick drive from downtown is where you can indulge in some pancakes. It should be noted that you will need to pay cash when it comes time to pay for the bill.



A very popular restaurant that also offers some amazing breakfast in the heart of Portland is Tasty N Alder. Since this place is so popular expect to wait at least 30 minutes to be seated, but know in advance that it will be worth it.

Those that love steak and eggs in the morning, there is no place better in Portland than Tasty N Alder. Other favorites include a chicken breakfast sandwich with bacon and the grilled octopus. If you are not in a large group, consider seating at the counter so you can watch the chefs in the back make their masterpieces.



A favorite among the locals is Pine State Biscuits, although the hours of operation are not the best for those looking for something to eat for a late brunch, the closing of 3PM is not the worst that can happen. This place can compete with any place in the United States for some of the best biscuit sandwiches. It is hard to find someone that has been to Pine State Biscuits and said they didn’t like what they ate.



What is better than breakfast in the morning? Well we believe that it’s breakfast at night! The Roxy offers breakfast 24/7 every day except for Mondays. This is a popular breakfast in Portland as it draws a younger crowd to for their $11 omelets that can fill two people.


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