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Oregon Solidarity Wines

Rogue Valley AVA

Located in southwest Oregon along the Rogue River, the Rogue Valley AVA claims the longest history of grape growing in the state, dating back to 1852. With rich soils and diverse climate, the Rogue Valley AVA is home to the widest variety of grapes grown in Oregon.

1. Quail Run Vineyards
The owners of Quail Run Vineyards have over 30 years experience growing grapes in the Rogue Valley AVA. They grow over 28 varietals of winegrapes.

2. Villa Novia Vineyard
In the northwest corner of the Rogue Valley AVA, lies the Villa Novia Vineyard planted with over 19 acres of Pinot Noir. 

3. Five Troller Vineyard
In Selma, Oregon you'll find grower Jim Ball's Five Troller Vineyard planted to Pinot Noir grapes. 

4. Carlow Vineyard
Carlow Vineyard is located in Medford, on the eastern edge of the Rogue Valley. Grower Maggie Wellman focuses on growing Pinot Noir grapes.

5. Maison Tranquille
The most southern located vineyard, Maison Tranquille, sits just outside of Ashland. In 2012, 6.6 acres were planted with Pinot Noir. 


Christine Clair (Willamette Valley Vineyards), Traute Moore (Quail Run Vineyards), Michael Moore (Quail Run Vineyards), Justin King (King Estate) and Jim Bernau (Willamette Valley Vineyards) gather at Bayliss Vineyard to harvest the 2018 crop for Oregon Solidarity wines.