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Delta Will Keep Middle Seats Open Until March 30th 2021


Delta Will Keep Middle Seats Open Until March 30th 2021


Expect a few major airlines like JetBlue, Southwest and Delta, all other airlines in the United States have stopped blocking the middle seats in the airplanes. Delta Air Lines has announced that they will continue to leave the middle seats open to at least March 30th 2021. Even though the airlines are struggling right now and reducing the number of flights to cut costs, the company is doing the right thing for its customers by leaving the middle seat open during these difficult times.

With the reduction in revenue these past few quarters Delta has been trying everything it can to stay afloat and reduce staff as little as possible. Just recently they announced a deal with American Express where they would receive a few billion dollars to exchange for future sales of airlines points for American Express customers.

The future of some of these airlines like Delta are in doubt as many industry executives and experts have said that they don’t expect consumer travel to return to normal for at least several more years. It is still unknown if business travel will ever return to previous levels as more and more companies are cutting costs and realizing that video conferencing can have somewhat of the same effect as in person meetings for conducting business. It’s important to remember that airlines don’t make that much money from economy tickets as the price of business customers subsidize the cost of those flying in the back of the plane.

Many believe that this rough patch will hopefully be short lived as great news in the area of vaccines are coming out and has been said that they could become available to the public sometime in 2021. In the mean time what Delta has done to block the middle seats for the customers puts at least some to ease when flying during this stressful time.

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