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Best Things To Do In Sisters Oregon


Located in central Oregon along the Cascade mountain range is Sisters. This small town is known for an old rustic Wild West setting that is know for it cabins and ranch style lodging. Sisters is a short distance from skiing and known for rodeos shows that are very popular in the state. There are great things to do in Sisters and below we will list some of the best things to do in Sisters while visiting the wonderful town.


Sisters Rodeo

For over 76 years the famous Sisters Rodeo takes place in early June which features events like bull riding, cowboys, barrel races and many other rodeo activities that is an Oregon tradition that you should check out at least once in your life.


Golfing At Aspen Lakes

What is better than golfing with stunning views? Nothing really as Aspen Lakes Golf Course has views of the stunning Cascade Mountain Range and natural red ciders along the grounds. Play 18 holes and enjoy yourself in nature at the wonderful Aspen Lakes Golf Course.


Mountain Biking

Are you an adventure junky? Then you can get that adrenaline thrill with some mountain biking at Peterson Ridge Trail. Fly through the hills along the rivers and into the woods at the local favorite biking trail. There’s over 25 miles of trails that you can ride. Don’t think that this biking trail is just for experts. The Peterson Ridge Trail as trails for everyone from beginner riders to advance ones.


Fly Fishing

The great thing about Sisters is that it has activities for all types outdoor lovers. For those that are fishers, make sure to head to the Metolius River and embark on some fly-fishing. This river is full of rainbow trouts that follow in the cold waters of the Metolius. It’s important to note that this river has a catch and release rule and requires barbless hook fishing only.


Paddle At Suttle Lake

About 15 miles from Sisters is a wonderful lake called Suttle. There are some many water activities that you can partake at Suttle Lake that includes things like kayaking, swimming, boating, walking and even stand up paddling. Enjoy your summer days in Sisters on the water and embrace the stunning views of Mt Washington from the waters.



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