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What Will Ski Season Look Like At Mt Hood This Year


What Will Ski Season Look Like At Mt Hood This Year


Thanksgiving weekend is approaching and in the past this is generally when it becomes officially ski season in the Washington and Oregon. But with everything going on in 2020, you might be asking what will ski season be like this year? The good news is that the snow has been coming down nonstop in the Cascade Mountain Range and you will have the opportunity to have those powder runs this year.

You might be asking what if lockdowns continue? Will there be a ski season? Well here is some more good news, the state is allowing ski resorts to stay open, even during the current 2 week freeze that has been put in place from November 18th through December 2nd. The resorts have had plenty of time to prepare to meet the conditions to allow for safe skiing and snowboarding during these current times. 

Everything won’t be the same as before, as there will be some changes to your experience when at the mountain this year. Some shared transportation options will not be available and don’t expect to be able to have a seat at the bar during runs like previous years. If you need to go inside to use the restroom or to make a some type of purchase, you should expect to follow the same rules as you would going into any restaurant or business in the state. You will be required to wear mask indoors and try your best to keep social distancing.  There should also be a new format for lift queuing to make sure proper distances are enforced. In addition, enforcement of masks will likely occur at the bottom and top of the lifts. 


Reservations Required

The biggest change compared to other years is that this year you wont be able to wake up in the morning and see that it has dumped 8 inches overnight and decide to head up for some fresh runs. Since resorts will be operating at reduced capacities you will need to make a reservation before driving up. Timberline and Meadows will be requiring people with a day passes to make a reservation in their system. This is important to know because there is a good chance if you head up to the mountain on a weekend without a reservation, you won’t be allowed on the lifts. While for those who enjoy Mt Bachelor, things are a little different over there. Instead there will be required reservations for drivers to secure a parking spot at Mt Bachelor. 


Opening Day

You will be able to start skiing Mt Hood on November 25th at Timberline and at Mt Bachelor on December 7th. Unfortunately Skibowl has not said yet when they plan to open up and Meadows is said to open up when they believe they have enough snow to allow for enough terrain for spacing to be allowed. 


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