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Laurelhurst Park: Workers Cleaning Homeless Camp At Laurelhurst Park In Portland


Laurelhurst Park: Workers Cleaning Homeless Camp At Laurelhurst Park In Portland


For some time it has been known that the homeless have occupied Laurelhurst Park. Many locals had been complaining of the large group of people living at the park for months.

Dozen of neighbors made complaints daily to the city about the homeless throwing rocks at people passing by and needles being found on the ground in the park.

The cleaning up of the homeless at Laurelhurst Park has been a controversial topic, as the pandemic got more severe the removal process had slowed down. The CDC suggested limiting these removals of campsites, which could make things more severe for health and safety.

The situation got worse when anti-police protestors started forming at the park and the tension become strong as locals asked the city to do something. These protestors retaliated by posting some of the people’s address on Twitter of those people who wanted the homeless people out of the park. In addition, as temperatures got colder, people got worried about the homeless health. Shelters are available but many campers don’t want to leave, as they believe that Laurelhurst Park was there home.

It seems like finally those complaints have been heard and the city started cleaning up Laurelhurst Park in Southeast Portland. The city has said, “We created and offered alternative warm. Dry indoor spaces for people to go.”

But it seems like homeless people are still at the park, the city has said it should take some time to clean everything up. The homeless crisis has only grown over the years. It started from just a few groups around town into large camps that are growing in size as days go on.

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