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Disney Will Be Making A Movie About Parkrose High School Coach


Disney Will Be Making A Movie About Parkrose High School Coach


You know you have made it big time when Disney announces that they will be making a movie about you. This is the case for Keanon Lowe, the former Oregon Duck football star and coach at Parkrose High School. The other day Disney announced that the film would be called “The Keanon Lowe Project” which will appear on Disney Plus.

The movie people at Disney became inspired about the story of Keanon Lowe after is heroics at Parkrose High School when he disarmed someone at the school that brought a gun. Mr Lowe gained national fame for is act is taking the gun from the student and preventing the student from using the shotgun at the high school.

Keanon Lowe for his great achievement was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor Society’s citizen award was named as Time Magazine’s Heroes of the Year in 2019 for his act. He is no longer at Parkrose High School as he has reconnected with his former Oregon Duck coach and now part of the UCLA football coaching staff.

Disney has said that some of the big name stars that will be involved with the “The Keanon Lowe Project” include big names such as Dwayne Johnson, Hiram Garcia and Dany Garcia. It has not yet announced when this film will be released to the public, but expect to see it on Disney Plus when it does come out.


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