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Ariya Hajari: October Hero of the Month

Ariya Hajari Heros

Ariya Hajari: October Hero of the Month


October Hero of the Month

Recipient: Ariya Hajari


There are some people that leap over expectations and do something with all of their heart as it is just in their soul. This is a great way to describe our October hero of the month, Ariya Hajari. He is an integral part of the community and seems like he is everywhere making positive ripples through his tenderness and compassion.

It is hard to encapsulate everything about Ariya Hajari that makes him so great and a positive member of not only his friend group and his family; but also to his community as he started volunteering at the young age of 18. Those that know Ariya say that the most impressive thing is that he always gives credit to others around him. He attempts to deflect credit by mentioning that he is just being himself and does these great things out of enjoy and pleasure from his heart.

Benevolence and self-sacrifice are just a few things that Mr. Ariya Hajari is filled with. It is our honor to name him our October Hero of the Month.

Do you know someone that is doing something in the community that should be highlighted? If so, you can nominate them by sending us an email. Please be sure to include why you are nominating that person.



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