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How To Make Farmhouse Kitchen Curtains While Quarantining


How To Make Farmhouse Kitchen Curtains While Quarantining


For those that are stuck inside during this new round of quarantining and tired of watching Netflix, then we have a cool DIY project that you can do to stay busy and productive during this period. A cool project that is very affordable and will make your home more stylish is making farmhouse kitchen curtains.

Curtains are an important part of the home as they have several uses that include blocking the sun, keeping the heat from escaping your home and provide privacy from onlookers.

So we will go through the steps with you on how to make your own farmhouse kitchen curtains that are very simple and you might have most of the supplies hanging around your house. Lets start with the materials needed, followed by the instructions on how to make kitchen curtains that are designed for a farmhouse.




Instructions On How To Make Farmhouse Kitchen Curtains

  1. Measure the size of your window so that you have a tension rod that will fit
  2. Decide on how much fabric you will need
  3. Select the type of fabric
  4. Lay the fabric on a flat surface
  5. Iron the fabric so it is nice straight
  6. Using a straight edge and measure tape create the layout of where you want to cut on the fabric
  7. Make the needed cut in the fabric for the curtains
  8. Create the lower hem by folding the lower end of the fabric and sewing the top end of the hem to the fabric
  9. Create a pocket so that the rod can slide into the curtains
  10. Slide the rod into the curtains
  11. Hang up your curtains



We hope that with these instructions you will be able to make a kitchen curtains and make great use of your time quarantining at home. If you like the way that your project turned out, please feel free to share some images with us as we would love to use them as a source of inspiration for others.

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