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Why is Portland Called “Rip City?” – Answer


You might be hearing the word “Rip City” a lot when it relates to the city of Portland. You might be asking yourself, why is Portland called Rip City? Well the name comes from the professional basketball team in Portland called the Trail Blazers.


Back in 1971 in the teams inaugural season, the Portland Trail Blazers were playing against the LA Lakers and had been down by 20 points until the late great Barnett made a half court shot to tie the game in the last seconds. The Blazer announcer Schonely yelled “RIP CITY, ALRIGHT” which ended up catching on with the fans and 50 years later Portland is still known as Rip City.


The Portland Trail Blazers has great success in 1977 when they won the NBA championship becoming the best team in the NBA that year. Later when people ask why is Portland called Rip City? Locals respond by saying that the meaning of RIP City is something that is up lifting, supportive and positive.


Up until 2009, the Portland Trail Blazers had been the only professional sports team in the state of Oregon so most locals are die-hard Blazer fans because of the limited sports team options. But the Portland Timbers became established; the love was carried over to them as well, still calling Portland Rip City.


Some other nicknames that is Portland is associated with include names like Bike Town, Stumptown, PDX and Bridgetown.


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