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All The Different Nicknames For Portland, Oregon


Portland is the largest city in the state of Oregon and is know to be attractive and stunning in all seasons of the year. Over the history of this beautiful city, locals have called Portland different nicknames like Rose City, Stumptown, Bridgetown, Rip City, PDX and Bike Town to just to name of the nicknames of Portland. Now you might be asking where are all these nicknames for Portland coming from and what they mean? We be explaining all the different Portland nicknames and the history of the nicknames. Continue to read the learn all the unique nicknames that Portland goes by.


Rose City

Lets start with the official nickname of Portland. Back in 1889 the Portland Rose Society was founded and they planted thousands of plants and roses around the city. Then in 1907 the society had its first annual festival of roses and say over 1.5 million attend the festival. Still to this day, the annual festival of roses draws visitors from all over the country.



In the city of Portland the Willamette River runs through the heart of the city. To connect the two parts of downtown Portland, 8 bridges allow for locals to cross the Willamette on foot, bike or by car. An aerial shot of downtown Portland will see the beautiful Willamette river with the 8 architectural bridges draw your attention to the iconic downtown area.


Rip City

The name Rip City comes from the local professional basketball team called the Portland Trail Blazers. Back in 1971 during the inaugural season, the team was trailing their rivals by 20 points. The legendary Barnett made a half court shot to tie the game and arena erupted and the Blazer commented “Rip City, Alright!” This nickname caught on and is still used to this day.



The meaning behind PDX is that it is the airport code for the Portland International Airport that is located at the north of Portland along the Oregon/Washington border. But the nickname really caught on when the local Portland State University in 1987 used the domain name pdx.edu as the psu.edu was taken by Pennsylvania State University. The PDX acronym caught on and other local business started to use PDX as nickname for Portland.



The nickname of Beervana comes from Portland having the most brewpubs per capita for a city in the United States. Beer culture is very big in the city of Portland and the city has six breweries that are on the list of the top 100 best breweries in the country.



Portland is a very green area with trees all over the city. Back in the 1800s, the city of Portland was growing so fast that they needed to remove all the trees to help with the expansion of the city. With the trees removed, many stumps remained and the nickname of Stumptown caught on.





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