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Oregon DMV Change Of Address Sticker No Longer Needed


Oregon DMV Change Of Address Sticker No Longer Needed


No longer is Oregon part of the group of three states that required drivers to have a change of address sticker of their licenses, leaving Michigan and Connecticut by themselves.

In the past, you the Oregon DMV change of address was required when you planned to move to a new address and a sticker on your driver’s license, learner’s permit or ID card. Many people did not like these stickers as those going out of state and went to a bar or somewhere that required ID where put in a bad situation.

The reason for this is many people inspecting those IDs would think that the driver’s license was fake. Bartenders and bouncers are already skeptical of out of state IDs and having a weird sticker on an out of state license doesn’t help your case out. But the removal of the requirement of stickers on ID is a great thing for those that travel out of state often.

Thankfully the Oregon DMV address change sticker will no longer be required, even though the state will still require you to disclose to the DMV that you have a new address within 30 days, but the stickers are not needed anymore.

The reason for the removal of the sticker policy is to use the funds of roughly $550,000 per year to be used in other areas instead of issuing stickers, postage fees and other costs. Oregon now plans to use the extra funds from not issuing stickers for the State Highway Fund, which will go towards road maintenance, and helping reduce costs that go towards that. 


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