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How To Sell A Car In Oregon


If you are one of those people that put in the extra work to get what you deserve for the value of your car compared to just trading it in with the dealership, then you might want to know how to sell a car in Oregon.

The process to sell your car in Oregon does take some work, but the reward of extra money by selling your car to a private party will sure be worth it. But before you go to sell your car, there is a few things that you should prepare for so you don’t have any headaches during the processing of selling your car in Oregon.

Follow the steps below to learn how to sell a car in Oregon. Remember that you will need to have a vehicle title of your car during the selling process of your car.


Allow For Buyers To Inspect Your Car

Some buyers are experienced enough that they can check the car themselves. But other might want your car to get inspected by a third party. When a third party inspects your car it is called a pre-purchase inspection and is very normal. What happens is that the buyer would like a licensed mechanic to inspect your car before they purchase it. Generally what happens is that you will need to leave the car with the mechanic for a few hours so they can do the inspection. The mechanic will follow up with the report of your car and present it to the buyer and I’m sure if you ask, you can get a copy of the inspection as well. If the buyer is satisfied with the report, then they will proceed to offer you a price to make a deal for your car.


Get All Vehicle Documents Organized

It is suggested to have all maintenance records, owner’s manual and other types of paper worked that relates to your car ready so that the buyer can inspect these before they agree to purchase your car. This will give the buyer even more confidence when combined with the pre purchase inspection, as they will be able to tell that you took good car of the car.

If you don’t have these documents, you can ask your mechanic or dealership used for servicing your car for electronic records that they have on file.

If you have any loans on your car, make sure that they are all paid off so that there are no liens on your vehicle. To remove the lien you’ll need the lien holder to sign off on the title before you can complete the sale of your car.


Bill Of Sale

The next thing that you will need to get and file out is the Bill of Sale. If you go to the Oregon State Department of transportation website, you will be able to get the form. Some of the required information that you will need to fill out is the Date of Sale, Year and Make of the Vehicle, Plate number, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), purchase price and legal full names, signatures and addresses of both the seller and the buyer.

Even though that a bill of sale is not required when selling your vehicle in Oregon, it is a good idea to do this so it will help the buyer out when the go and register the car with the DMV under their name. It’s common to have the Bill of Sale notarized to make things more official for when the sale is between two private parties.


Transfer Title

Following of the Bill of Sale, you will now need to transfer the title of the vehicle over to the new owner. You will need the original title of your vehicle. If you have lost the title or it has been damaged, then you will need to apple with the state to get a replacement title for your vehicle. In addition, cars that are less than 10 years of age will require you to write down the odometer at the time of sale.


Notify DMV Of Sale And Remove License Plates

Prior to completing the sale of your vehicle in Oregon, you should remove your license plates from the car and cancel your registration as soon as you can. If you fail to remove your plates, you can still be responsible for traffic violations of the new owner of the vehicle because your license plates will still be associated with the vehicle. The Oregon state law requires you to notify the state of Oregon of the sale within 10 days of the transaction.


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