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How To Register A Car In Oregon


If you have got a car and need to get it registered with the state of Oregon so you can legally drive it without having to worry about getting in trouble, then you might want to know how to register a car in Oregon. If you have bought your car from a dealership in Oregon, then they usually will be able to handle the registration process for you.

If you want to know how to register a car in Oregon, then there is a few things that you will need to go to the DMV and bring some documentation with you so you can get your car registered with Oregon.


The follow is a list of things that you will need to have with you when you go to the DMV:

  • Document saying that your car has passed emissions testing
  • Proof of Insurance on the car
  • Proof of Oregon residency
  • Title or Registration application filled out
  • VIN inspection documentation
  • Current odometer reading


So you have the documents you need to get your car registered in Oregon, now you might be asking how much does it cost to get car registered in Oregon? Well we have a list of the different fees that the Oregon will charge for your registration based on the type of car you have. Check out the Oregon registration fees below:

  • Service charge for all titles: $77.00
  • Hybrid cars: $43.00 for 2 years
  • Low Speed vehicles: $86.00 for 2 years
  • Passenger vehicles: $86.00 for 2 years and $172.00 for 4 years
  • Motorcycles and Mopeds: $48.00 for 2 years and $96.00 for 4 years

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